About me

As a mother of seven children, and now a grandmother to 2 grandchildren, I care deeply about families. My desire is for strong, connected healthy lives and relationships. At the same time, I know life can pull us in all different directions. Society tells us one thing and sometimes our hearts tell us another about how we need to raise our kids. Not too long ago I went back to graduate school to become an occupational therapist. What I learned about development has made me look even deeper into what is best for a child’s development. Skipping Stones is the fruit of my vision to see families thrive. Thanks for stopping by and I hope the things you find here will help you to transform the way you think.

Skipping Stone Beginnings

Skipping Stones was born out of my desire to bring children and families closer to nature and closer to each other. When parents and children explore nature together, opportunities arise for mutual discovery. Parents are able to see things from a child's perspective. By giving a child full attention and meeting them right where they are, a child builds confidence and a foundation is built for future relationship and positive development.

Skipping Stones will help you:

  • Fully understand the reasons for getting children and families outside together

  • Identify some of the barriers they may encounter

  • Explore, experience and exult in nature together, as families, by offering some practical ideas and suggestions for fun and educational activities

  • Become more knowledgeable about what skills can be learned and practiced during specific activities

My Goal is to help you better yourselves, your families and your communities by experiencing nature together, creating healthy environments and establishing good family practices.

The name, Skipping Stones, reflects the ultimate relationship I hope families have together in nature. Parents and kids playing along side each other, connecting in a fun way, while developing physical, cognitive and social skills.